Purina® DentaLife®

Purina® DentaLife® is an innovative daily chew that cleans whilst your dog chews, for healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath. Scientifically proven to help scrub even those hard-to-reach back teeth and mechanically scrub right to the gum line, your dog will thank you for not only giving him or her a great daily oral care routine, but for providing a tasty chew as well.

So, give your dog a fresh start to the year with a daily oral care routine, because a healthy mouth equals a healthy pet.

Do you want to trial Purina® DentaLife®? We are looking for 200 owners and their dogs, so simply subscribe to this campaign before 08 / 01 / 2017.

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Here are 5 good reasons to start your dogs daily oral care routine today with Purina®  Dentalife®:

  • CHEWY POROUS TEXTURE: The latest innovation in maintaining good oral health for your dog, Purina® DentaLife® dental chews feature a porous chewy texture
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO REDUCE TARTAR BUILD-UP: Purina® DentaLife® dental chews scrub even the hard-to-reach teeth that are the most vulnerable to plaque and tartar build up.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR: Purina® DentaLife® products has been formulated with no added sugar.
  • NO ADDED ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS OR COLOURANTS: Purina® DentaLife® has a delicious chicken taste with no added artificial flavourings or colourants
  • LOW IN FAT: Dentalife Purina contains less than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake, so you do not need to worry about reducing their main meal.

What can you expect?

For you

  • Purina® DentaLife® dental chews (20 day supply)
  • 1 campaign guide



Step 1: Start a daily oral care routine with Purina® DentaLife® dental chews

Give your dog a dental chew each day (think of it like brushing your teeth daily). You will receive enough dental chews to maintain a daily oral care routine for at least 20 days.

Step 2: Write a review and share your opinions online

Your main task in this campaign is to leave a review on at least one key website. Once you have left your reviews, there are other great ways to share your opinion online, such as the blog on our campaign page.

Step 3: Spread the word on social media

Has your dog enjoyed Purina® DentaLife®? Are you feeling happier as an owner knowing you have started a great daily oral routine for your dog? Happy dogs are featured all across social media, so why not make your dog and Purina® DentaLife® the talk of your social network on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the #DentaLife and #TheInsidersUK hashtags in your posts.

Snap your dog and win with Purina® DentaLife®

We’re sure you agree that dogs make for great photos, and we want you to share a pic of your dog as part of our campaign’s photo contest. Take a photo of your dog with a Purina® DentaLife® dental chew, or enjoying their chew time and upload it in our media corner and you could be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize.

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  • 24/08 - 18:05
  • Daiannempaiva

Love, A lot! I have 3 dogs. ????

  • 07/06 - 12:57
  • Yorkiepudding

I wasn't lucky enough to be chosen for this ( or any) trial but I have purchased these for my dog and he absolutely adores them. He is 15 so chewing is now an issue but these seem softer than the other dentastix. I buy them regularly for him now 

  • 02/06 - 01:55
  • Dannii0903

Pablo the Pug would love to give these a trial..

  • 02/06 - 00:37
  • Fionaquirk

Oohhhh my gizmo would to try these

  • 01/06 - 16:46
  • LiloHoochie

Could my dog have these if he has bad allergic reactions to cereals?

  • 01/06 - 15:44
  • Cazz1245

Think my dog would love these!!! 

  • 01/06 - 14:43
  • falloutpony

I would love to test out your product and review. If my dog enjoys them you are definitely onto something as he can be extremely fussy with foods. It would be good to take a before and after of his teeth though!

  • 25/04 - 10:44
  • 7581011013

????‍♂️ oh no. Can't believe I missed this! 

  • 24/04 - 16:10
  • Evil1

Missed this trial, but i have been and bought some and my dog loves them x

  • 22/04 - 23:06
  • josangster

Looks great

  • 20/04 - 15:38
  • chelsea28082014

this looks fab !!

  • 20/04 - 13:06
  • Lucy18111982

yes this looks fab 

  • 14/04 - 18:34
  • Lauren_cznm

No! How did I even miss this campaign. Always on the lookout for new dog products to try 

  • 13/04 - 21:42
  • kaelee71

Superb! Loads on offer. Filled my cupboards for my little Daisy.

  • 05/04 - 15:24
  • madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk

Yay !! Tesco are still selling #Dentalife dental stick's at a £1.00 a bag,in all 3 sizes.So I grabbed a load more and put them in the cupboard as they keep well and my girl Crystal loves them.I'm also getting a bit of a name for myself amongst dog owners for always having them in my pocket,lol.

  • 31/03 - 22:18
  • claireatkinson1985


savana_al_kaisi: smiley

  • 28/03 - 17:57
  • madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk

Hi guys,Asda are selling all sizes for £1.00 a bag if anyone's interested. My girl loves these so I've stocked her up once more.

  • 27/03 - 21:05
  • KyleCktm

Very nice thanks smiley

  • 27/03 - 00:21
  • KyleCktm

yesvery very nice   

  • 18/03 - 22:55
  • Andzia

My dog loves them!! smileyyesheart

  • 18/03 - 15:59
  • trudyvalentine48

My pooch loved these I think they were a little on the large size and they were more like biscuit then a chew but I think I would definitely buy them for my dog again not at full price but if they were discounted

madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk:  Pets at home do the smaller size ones ( all 3 sizes actually) and are £1.00 a bag too.,check asda and tesco as they often price match.Good luck.

  • 18/03 - 15:51
  • HannahBailey

I would of loved to.do this

  • 17/03 - 12:42
  • Eligue

I would have love to take part in this campaign 

  • 17/03 - 12:27
  • HannahBailey

didnt get this one was upset as dogs would love this

  • 17/03 - 11:21
  • Nikefw

Oh. O I didn't get an email about this one. We have 4 dogs. Would have loved to have done this survey 



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