Purina® DentaLife®

Purina® DentaLife® is an innovative daily chew that cleans whilst your dog chews, for healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath. Scientifically proven to help scrub even those hard-to-reach back teeth and mechanically scrub right to the gum line, your dog will thank you for not only giving him or her a great daily oral care routine, but for providing a tasty chew as well.

So, give your dog a fresh start to the year with a daily oral care routine, because a healthy mouth equals a healthy pet.

Do you want to trial Purina® DentaLife®? We are looking for 200 owners and their dogs, so simply subscribe to this campaign before 08 / 01 / 2017.

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Here are 5 good reasons to start your dogs daily oral care routine today with Purina®  Dentalife®:

  • CHEWY POROUS TEXTURE: The latest innovation in maintaining good oral health for your dog, Purina® DentaLife® dental chews feature a porous chewy texture
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO REDUCE TARTAR BUILD-UP: Purina® DentaLife® dental chews scrub even the hard-to-reach teeth that are the most vulnerable to plaque and tartar build up.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR: Purina® DentaLife® products has been formulated with no added sugar.
  • NO ADDED ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS OR COLOURANTS: Purina® DentaLife® has a delicious chicken taste with no added artificial flavourings or colourants
  • LOW IN FAT: Dentalife Purina contains less than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake, so you do not need to worry about reducing their main meal.

What can you expect?

For you

  • Purina® DentaLife® dental chews (20 day supply)
  • 1 campaign guide



Step 1: Start a daily oral care routine with Purina® DentaLife® dental chews

Give your dog a dental chew each day (think of it like brushing your teeth daily). You will receive enough dental chews to maintain a daily oral care routine for at least 20 days.

Step 2: Write a review and share your opinions online

Your main task in this campaign is to leave a review on at least one key website. Once you have left your reviews, there are other great ways to share your opinion online, such as the blog on our campaign page.

Step 3: Spread the word on social media

Has your dog enjoyed Purina® DentaLife®? Are you feeling happier as an owner knowing you have started a great daily oral routine for your dog? Happy dogs are featured all across social media, so why not make your dog and Purina® DentaLife® the talk of your social network on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the #DentaLife and #TheInsidersUK hashtags in your posts.

Snap your dog and win with Purina® DentaLife®

We’re sure you agree that dogs make for great photos, and we want you to share a pic of your dog as part of our campaign’s photo contest. Take a photo of your dog with a Purina® DentaLife® dental chew, or enjoying their chew time and upload it in our media corner and you could be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize.

® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

  • 18/03 - 22:55
  • Andzia

My dog loves them!! smileyyesheart

  • 18/03 - 15:59
  • trudyvalentine48

My pooch loved these I think they were a little on the large size and they were more like biscuit then a chew but I think I would definitely buy them for my dog again not at full price but if they were discounted

madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk:  Pets at home do the smaller size ones ( all 3 sizes actually) and are £1.00 a bag too.,check asda and tesco as they often price match.Good luck.

  • 18/03 - 15:51
  • HannahBailey

I would of loved to.do this

  • 17/03 - 12:42
  • Eligue

I would have love to take part in this campaign 

  • 17/03 - 12:27
  • HannahBailey

didnt get this one was upset as dogs would love this

  • 17/03 - 11:21
  • Nikefw

Oh. O I didn't get an email about this one. We have 4 dogs. Would have loved to have done this survey 

  • 17/03 - 11:02
  • funkymonkey71

Didn't get this one, was gutted.  My spaniels would have loved it frown

  • 11/03 - 23:58
  • Boykova

My dog is gonna be very happy

  • 07/03 - 14:00
  • welshlady

sad sadly i missed out on this as we were on holiday we have 4 dogs and we use this dentalife sticks, fantastic our cairn terrier trys to pinch the other ones sticks,highly recommend these.

  • 06/03 - 22:05
  • madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk

Crystals still enjoying her #Dentallife Dental sticks and her teeth have a bright whiteness to them that she has never had before. Her breath is a lot more pleasant when she dives all over you licking you to within an inch of your life,LOL. The health benefits are blatantly clear and she truly does seem to enjoy eating them.Her goodie tub is full to the rim with packets in various sizes.,so she has plenty to share with her friends.

  • 04/03 - 07:07
  • Dragonfly.55

I dont have a dog thats why i dint take a part but it slook like fantastic project

  • 27/02 - 15:06
  • madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk

Made another convert today,a good friend rescued a Staffordshire bull terrier over the weekend as a surprise for his girlfriend.!! So please for her and went around to introduce Crystal to George., not a great start,a bit of growling until the #Dentallife dental sticks came out then both dogs lay on the carpet munching away good as gold !! Happy dog means happy owners.

  • 27/02 - 12:31
  • Evasi

Love these. Max knows when it's treat time and his mouth is so much more healthier and finally the dog breath has gone ????  Always buy the sticks now. 

  • 27/02 - 12:15
  • Insider_ChrisP

Hi everyone,  Just a quick reminder that you now have until tomorrow to fill in your end survey if you've not already done so (yes - we've given an additional 24 hours!)    It couldn't be easier - go to the top of this page, and click on the 'End Survey' button to begin! Good luck!  

  • 27/02 - 00:30
  • Lolotoo

Happy dog Ioves them so much she cries for them!

Insider_ChrisP: Hey Lolotoo! Glad to see these are happy tears!! 

  • 24/02 - 21:51
  • Catherinec

Had a week without them and noticed his smelly breath! Going to get more

madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk:  Pets at home have them for £1.00 a bag at the moment and 3 different sizes to choose from too.

  • 22/02 - 19:28
  • madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk

I know the trial's finished but I'm still continuing using the #Dentallife dental sticks. My dogs enjoying them abd that's the main thing for me.She's a fussy little so and so,but at the grand old age of 11 I think she's entitled to be a bit finicky. Her breath has definitely improved and her teeth are getting whiter.Really pleased we we're included. I've restocked her once already and I'm planning a shopping trip to pets at hone as they have them on special offer at the moment., £1.00 a bag.,yippee!!!

Insider_ChrisP: madkiwibird68 - that's fantastic! Keep going...we're very glad you and Crystal have enjoyed this campaign so much! 

  • 22/02 - 16:46
  • andrew.mcaulay

Noticing a decline in breath freshness since we ran out - time to get more it looks like

Insider_ChrisP: Hi andrew.mcaulay, that's great to hear (the replenishing stock, not the breath freshness decline!).  Be sure to mention that in your end survey if you've not already filled it out! 

  • 22/02 - 12:42
  • Dannysmurf

We have been using these during the trial and have bought more since! I also suggested them to our dog walker and she is now converted to using them and regulary now gives them to dogs who are boarding with her (Obv with owners permission) I used to use dentastix but Lola (My dog) was getting a little bored of them so these were a real treat! 

  • 20/02 - 17:20
  • madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk

Looking through the photo gallery and there are some really cute doggie's on there.My Crystal is still enjoying her #Dentallife dental sticks and so are her 3 friends we shared them with.We saw her new friend again today on our travels and the lady told me she'd been to pets at home abd bought a couple of bags too AND applied for the freebies via Facebook. Good to know other dogs like them too.

Insider_ChrisP: Hi madkiwibird68 - glad Crystal loves them, and yes it is indeed good to see that the other dogs like them too! Great Word of Mouth there :)

  • 18/02 - 19:57
  • Kat23

My girl Dottie loved them at the beginning but as time went on she slowly gone off the. She is almost 13 years young rescued greyhound. Her teeth are not bad but I think the it was bit too hard for her to chew. Also I bought a large pack and found out that the longer it was open chews got harder. 

madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk:  I keep mine in an air tight container,like Tupperware or an old ice cream tub.,keeps them nice and moist still. Plus you could always snap them up for your dig so they still get the benefit .

  • 18/02 - 17:09
  • madkiwibird68@hotmail.co.uk

#Dentallife dental sticks made my girl a new friend today whilst out on her walk thanks to these dental sticks. I had one in my pocket as a treat for Crystal once we got to our favourite spot,somebody else was already there but the nice lady said we could join them,I felt it was only right to share Crystals treat. The other dog enjoyed it immensely so I told the owner about the trial,how well it helped clean Crystals teeth abd where she could buy them.Felt good to help spread the word and give another doggie a chance at good oral hygiene.

  • 18/02 - 09:35
  • Claire5849

Clover seems to really enjoy these much better than a previous brand we used to buy!  We have just ordered more of these for her nightly treat! smiley

Insider_ChrisP: Hi Claire5849!  Glad to hear that 'Clover is all-over '(sorry!) these nighly treats! 

  • 17/02 - 22:18
  • swampy

Kind of odd these... started off, my dog loved them... couldn't eat them fast enough (and my reviews reflected ths). But towards the end of the campaign (and after we'd actually bought more) he seemed to go off them.. either just not bothering with them or 'burying' them in some corner of the house, or even outside..

Insider_ChrisP: Hi swampy, glad you managed to put this in a review. Did you update / submit a separate review after your boy seemed to lose interest in them? I only ask as this could prove valuable feedback for DentaLife. 

  • 17/02 - 20:20
  • JacqStvns

yes from Harvey, already bought some more.

Insider_ChrisP: Hi JacqStvns - that's great to hear! Give Harvey a yes from us too!



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