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Samsung Galaxy Book 12” Contests Winners are…

13/09/2017 - 16:10

Hello Insiders!

We know you’ve been waiting for this moment and now it’s finally come.

Choosing the winners of Samsung Galaxy Book 12” contests was a very difficult task as we had brilliant reviews and amazing pictures throughout this campaign! Thank you to all of you for a really special level of commitment!

Anyway, that’s enough talking - we are very pleased to announce the lucky Insiders that will win their Galaxy Book 12”, and those who will receive a pair of Samsung Level Active Earphones!

Let’s get to know them:


The Insiders who have won their Samsung Galaxy Book 12” devices thanks to their fantastic reviews are:




Well done to you guys!

And the Insiders that will receive a pair of Samsung Level Active Earphones after sending in some of our favourite pictures are:











Well done again - we will contact you shortly to confirm your address for shipment.


Congratulations to all of you!

This sure was an exciting campaign! We hope to see you all on another one in the near future!

Best wishes,

The Insiders team

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Samsung Galaxy Book 12 campaign: All Good Things Must Come to An End

30/08/2017 - 16:58

Hi Insiders!

The Samsung Galaxy Book 12” Campaign is sadly coming to an end… but don’t cry we’ll see you in the next campaign!

Speaking of future campaigns, if you want to stay involved, make sure to complete your final campaign activity and fill out the Samsung Galaxy Book 12” End Survey by 6th September 2017.



Not only is the End Survey a campaign requirement that allows you to participate in future Samsung Campaigns, it also helps us determine what you loved about the device, and where it can be improved in the future. Don’t let your voice go unheard, head the campaign page now and complete your Samsung Galaxy Book 12” End Survey before it’s too late!

Thank you all for your incredible feedback during this campaign. We had so much fun sharing your Samsung Galaxy Book 12” experience!

Until Next Time Insiders!

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How to leave a Samsung Galaxy Book 12

25/08/2017 - 16:24

As you all know, one of the main tasks in our Samsung Galaxy Book 12” campaign is writing Reviews about the product and sharing them, both with us and in external webpages as well.

To help you in this great mission, we put together a step-by-step guide giving you useful information that will guide you from the first click on the right tab to the very end of the process.

Always remember: Reviews are extremely important – we could even say they are the foundation of the campaign! - as they help other people to get more detailed information about the product and support them in the decision of trying one themselves or not.

Check out the steps below, and let’s go!

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How to deliver the perfect unboxing video – with special guest Karthik Nagesan

18/08/2017 - 15:24

Hi Insiders!

In all of our campaigns, we ask for an unboxing video or photo, but exactly what do we mean by that?! Well, we could spend a whole post describing in great detail what we’re after, but we thought we’d get reality TV star, keen Insider, and all round good-guy Karthik Nagesan to show you how it’s done!

That’s right, Karthik - of The Apprentice UK 2016 and Celebrity Big Brother 2017 – recently recorded a brilliant unboxing video for our Samsung Galaxy Book 12” campaign, and we wanted to show you ‘The Big K’ in action!

Click the image below:

Contact Karthik on social media:
Facebook: @KarthikNagesan, Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat: @Karthik_Nagesan

Karthik, a self-confessed tech nut, is clearly a man who loves his gadgets, and that shines through as he unpacks his Galaxy Book in the comfort of his own home!

We feel makes it such a good unboxing video because of his enthusiasm for the product, and the fact he takes it directly from the box – unpacking it ‘live’ so you can see his reactions in real time. What’s more, he unveils everything in the box and not just the product, he adds a little bit of his own product knowledge, and he even gives his immediate impressions of it for everyone to see.

What do you think makes a great unboxing video? And what do you think to Karthik’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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Win your Samsung Galaxy Book 12

17/08/2017 - 16:43

Our Review Coach has been busy getting in contact with all the Samsung Insiders over the past couple of weeks. You may or may not have had the pleasure to talk with him already, but he's coming for you wink

As we’re sure he would have told you, we need your reviews to know what you think about the product.

To follow up on his call, we would like to give you a few guidelines on how to write some great reviews: 

My Review

  • Head to the My Review tab and simply write your experience and opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Book 12”
  • Our Review Coach will provide you with ongoing feedback to help craft it into the perfect review to post online! 
  • Once you get the OK from the Review Coach, it’s time to move on to the second step
  • Take your well-crafted and approved review from the My Review tab and paste it online via the Online Reviews tab!

Online Reviews

  • In the Online Reviews section of the campaign page you will find links to four external retailer sites 
  • Follow the instructions for posting a review on each external site
  • Wait for the emailed confirmation that your review has been published online 
    (please note, this may take up to 72 hours)
  • Once your review is live head back to the Online Reviews tab 
  • Report your Online Review by submitting the link to your review and the nickname you used to write it
  • Hit the Send button and you’re done!

Win your Samsung Galaxy Book 12"

That’s right – we are giving three lucky Insiders the opportunity to win their Samsung Galaxy Book 12”. Those who write the three best reviews (either on the My Review OR the Online Review) will win their Samsung Galaxy Book 12” for free! The winners will be announced at the end of the campaign.

Not sure your review will cut the mustard? Don’t worry, there’s always time to change it.

Get started right away with our Review Coach by visiting the My Review tab!

Happy WoMming!


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