Betty Crocker started life in Minneapolis in 1921 and has become one of the staples of baking and home cooking. Nowadays, you’ll find her in most kitchens across the country helping to create tasty homely treats and bringing families together.

We’re giving you and your kids the opportunity to try out some of Betty’s tastiest recipes, starting during the half-term. These recipes really are fun to make, and easy to bake! The country’s interest in baking has never been higher, and half-term would be an ideal time to get your child into baking up those tasty treats. Sign up to the campaign now and let the baking begin!

We’re looking for 2,500 insiders to take part in this campaign and enjoy the baking kits that Betty has provided!

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Do you want to trial Betty’s baking? Subscribe to this campaign before 17/10/16.

Open your pack and get to know the product. Share your first impression, upload a picture/video when you open the pack
Help other people, get to know the product and let us know each time you spoke about it through a report
Let them discover the product as well. It will only make your experience more fun!
  • Use the talktools
  • Take pictures
  • Comment on the blog
Tell us about your conversations, the responses you received by completing the end-survey


So, half-term is just around the corner and you’re wondering what to do with your little ones? Why not rope them in to make some terrific cupcakes or brownies with you and Betty! The Insiders’ ‘Baking with Kids’ campaign is a great way to get them interested in baking, and you can cook up some delicious cakes whilst spending some quality time together. There are lots of different recipes, and half term is an ideal time to start them baking!


Decorate your creations with the icing kits provided, and maybe even upload a photo of them in the media corner!

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What you should expect in your Betty Crocker VIP pack:

For you

• 1x Vanilla Icing
• 1x Velvety Vanilla Cake Mix
• 1x Chocolate Chip Cookies Pouch
• 1x Chocolate Fudge Brownies
• 5x Betty Crocker ‘Baking with Kids’ Recipe Cards
• 1x Campaign Guide (12-page)

For your conversation partners

• 20x Activity Flyers
(to entertain the kids during the half-term holiday)
• 20x vouchers for £1 off all Betty Crocker products

What can you expect?

Step 1. Discover Betty Crocker

You have some of Betty Crocker’s best recipes delivered to you, so no doubt you will want to get baking straight away! As it’s half term around the corner, this could be the perfect time to rope in your little ones to help and get them interested in baking with Betty. Why not go the extra mile and invite other parents around for a ‘baking playdates’? There’s lots of fun to be had!


Step 2. Spread the Word

You’ve been given 20 discount vouchers to share, for family and friends in your network that you can talk to about Betty Crocker. What’s more, there are activity flyers in your pack that contains activity suggestions and ideas. Post your experiences all over your social media sites, showing everyone your creations and telling them all about Betty! Remember to use the campaign hashtag though: #FunToMakeUK


Step 3. Tell Us Everything

Now it’s really over to you. You’re now fast becoming an expert in all things Betty Crocker! You’re baking your cakes, sharing our talktools, and spreading the word across your network. Tell us all about your conversations through your reports, and let us know how your children are enjoying baking! Have you held any baking playdates? Let us know everything!

Who knows, you might even be featured on Betty Crocker’s website or social media channels!

The facts in a list

You’ve had a mountain of fun with the baking kits, but what’s next? You will have also been given 20 discount vouchers. Share these with the family and friends in your network when you talk to them about Betty Crocker.

Why not go the extra mile and invite other parents around for a ‘baking playdate’? There’s lots of fun to be had and other parents will be grateful for the inbuilt fun! If that wasn’t’ enough, there are also activity flyers provided that contain suggestions and ideas as to what to do over the half term. Remember to keep the fun going - the next playdate could be at their house!

We want you to tell as many people in your network as possible about Betty Crocker and the great treats you can bake with the kits. It couldn’t be easier with Betty, so spread the word!


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