Congratulations. You’ve finally decided to tackle your odour with Old Spice, and with it, you’ve taken your first tentative steps on the road to smelling like a real man.

We want to hear all about your experience and then it’s over to you to spread the word. Try the two different products, Hawkridge and Wolfthorn, tell us how they have elevated you to demigod status, and then help lesser beings to navigate the high seas of manliness. 


Want the opportunity to smell like a man, man?

Simply subscribe to this campaign before 02/10/16.

Open your pack and get to know the product. Share your first impression, upload a picture/video when you open the pack
Help other people, get to know the product and let us know each time you spoke about it through a report
Let them discover the product as well. It will only make your experience more fun!
  • Use the talktools
  • Take pictures
  • Comment on the blog
Tell us about your conversations, the responses you received by completing the end-survey


Step 1: Discover Old Spice

Take yourself on a voyage of discovery with Old Spice. Transform yourself from sweaty mere mortal to legendary man of smellgoodedness. Go with Hawkridge one week, Wolfthorn the next, or even mix and match. The choice is all yours, and no-one can stop you.

Step 2: Share your good fortune

A real man doesn’t come across something as life-changing as Old Spice without giving something back. Don’t be that guy. Your fellow man wants to smell as good as you do, and you have the power to help him. Show him the booklets, let him smell the fragrance, and bask in the sunshine of a good deed well done.

Step 3: Tell us everything

Once you – and everyone around you - have discovered how great you smell, you then need to help other lesser men who incredibly might still be on the fence by sharing your experience with us. Write a review. And don’t hold back with your opinion - be a man.

Help others be confident in choosing their path to manliness.


More campaign info

Old Spice has been around for generations. It has a real heritage and dates back to a simpler time when your great grandfather would settle disputes with his pistol at dawn. Now though, in these modern times, Old Spice offers something that money can’t buy – a manly aura.


We want you to test out this brand during the campaign and discover what it’s all about. Really get to know it as it goes about taking you to odour nirvana.


What can you expect?


  • 2 x Body spray products (Hawkridge & Wolfthorn)
  • 1 x Campaign guide


  • 10 x Leaflets with voucher
  • 1 x Market research booklet


The facts in a list

Anyone who’s anyone knows all about Old Spice.

If your Grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist. It’s been making men smell great since the dawn of time itself.

But what is it about Old Spice that stands out?

As well as that distinctive fragrance that makes Old Spice what it is, a lot of science goes into every product. With Old Spice, there’s no need to worry about it fading out. With patented BCD technology ensuring that the scent is intense even during daily sweat events, ONE SPRAY LASTS ALL DAY.



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