Women’s intimate health is a sensitive subject. The skin of the intimate area requires special care as it is susceptible to irritation and imbalance. In fact, did you know that your intimate area has a pH level more acidic than the skin on the rest of your body?

Canesfresh® intimate washes and wipes have been specifically developed to care for your sensitive intimate area, leaving you feel clean and comfortable.

We’re looking for 1,000 Insiders who would like to use and get to know the Canesfresh® range over the course of the campaign.

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What you will receive

Your Canesfresh® VIP Pack will include the following:

For you

  • 1x Canesfresh® Gentle Refreshing Mousse (150ml)
  • 1x Pack of Canesfresh® Feminine Wipes (10 wipes)
  • 1x Canesfresh® Soothing Wash Gel (200ml)
  • 1x Campaign Guide (12-page)

For your conversation partners

  • 10x Packs of Canesfresh® Feminine Wipes (10 wipes)
  • 1x Intimate Health Myths vs. Truths Quiz Book

Campaign overview

Step 1. Discover Canesfresh®

We want you to really get used to the products and become something of an expert on the Canesfresh® range.

Step 2. Discuss with your network

Once you’ve formed a strong opinion about Canesfresh® and have used it for a little while, we want you to start spreading the word.

Step 3. Share your experiences

It’s over to you. By now you will have spent a number of weeks using Canesfresh® and hopefully discussing it with your friends and family. We want you to tell us how you and your network have found using the Canesfresh® range. 

The Canesfresh® range

Gentle Refreshing Mousse

A luxurious feminine wash from Canesfresh® which has been specially designed for everyday use. It’s a soft mousse that gently cleans your intimate area and helps to keep the microflora in your intimate area in a healthy balance.


Feminine Wipes

Developed with care, Canesfresh® Feminine Wipes help you feel clean, comfortable and confident on the go, whilst you’re travelling, after sport, and during your period.


Soothing Wash Gel

Canesfresh® Soothing Wash Gel is a mild feminine wash that is specially formulated to help sooth your sensitive intimate area during times of discomfort (such as when you’re suffering from thrush or vaginal dryness) and avoid further irritation that regular perfumed shower gels may cause. 

Did you know?

  • The skin in and around your intimate area has an acidic pH, more than that of the rest of the body, which helps keep good bacteria healthy, and bad bacteria in check.
  • Using soap or shower gel that you would normally use on the rest of your body, washing internally with vaginal douches, or over-washing can actually cause or aggravate issues by upsetting the pH balance of your intimate area.
  • Gentle unscented products, specifically developed for your intimate area can help you maintain the natural balance of your intimate area.


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