130 Insiders couples visit 1 week at Club Med

Country: Belgium Date: Dec 2011 – jun 2012

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The Insiders subscribed enthusiastically to test a Club Med village in Valmorel (winter, 75 Insider couples, 5 days) or Sinai Bay (summer, 55 Insider couples, 1 week).

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An insider VIP pack with more info about their trip and Club Med was sent to all testers. They can enjoy a high-end all-in Club Med holiday.

3. Spread the word!

Insiders shared their opinion and experiences with family, friends and coworkers.

“Thanks to the reports of the first group we already had a pretty good idea of what to expect, but we’re still impressed by this fantastic Club and the amazing service. It is very clear this club has been opened only a year and a half ago because everything is brand new!”

“Day 3 already and haven’t taken (or had) the time yet for blogging. There is so much to do here you don’t have to sit still. Despite the heat I did quite some exercising. You can swim in 3 pools, morning gym and step are in the shadow (so also doable). Today I enjoyed a boat trip (for the fresh breeze) and some snorkeling. The kitchen is super, everyone will find something of their taste. Maybe worth mentioning, kudos to the entire Club Med team. They move heaven and earth to be able to meet everyone’s desires!”


On the campaign blog sent in pictures were placed and conversations about Club Med took place between testers and other enthusiasts. The testing Insiders kept us informed about their opinion and the reaction of others by sending in reports.



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