Code of conduct

Insiders is about having fun with open and honest word-of-mouth conversations.

After all, the last thing we want is for Insiders to act as “undercover” advertising agents or as hired promotion instruments. This is why we have set up a number of guidelines.

For campaigns involving alcoholic products, we adhere strictly to additional rules (see below).
We ask all Insiders to explicitly accept, respect and actively apply this Code of Conduct:

1. Openness - Insiders always tell others that they are taking part in a word-of-mouth campaign from the Insiders network, in which they get the chance to test products. There is nothing secret or sneaky about it: just spread the news about the Insider campaign.

2. Honesty - Word-of-mouth will only work if it is honest. This means that you are free to express your own opinion stating all the product’s good and bad points. Dishonest or false word-of-mouth advertising is quickly sensed so why would you want to mislead someone and so jeopardize your relationship? Your honest opinion is what counts and this is what you want to share with others.

3. No sales pitch - Give your honest opinion, no exaggerated talk or sales arguments. Participating in an Insider campaign means not suddenly overdramatizing or trying to “sell” a product. Remain natural, stay yourself, just like you talk about other products.

4. Own choice - Only you can decide if you wish to participate in a campaign. You just don’t get involved with projects of which the products don’t interest you.

5. Listen attentively - Pay attention to the responses from people following your opinion of the product. You never have discussions on your own. When you talk about the product, you have interesting informations but people of course also enjoying sharing their experiences, opinions and questions. You can collect a great deal of opinions, experiences and good and bad points by listening attentively. The more information you can gather during a conversation, the better.

6. Feedback -  Keep in regular contact with us. Send us a regular mini report via the site with feedback and experiences from yourself and/or friends. The more details from a conversation, the better. You are after all our eyes and ears!

Also keep up to date with new campaigns and complete as many surveys and polls as possible so we can keep an eye out for campaigns that suit you. We are of course also here for you, whenever you need us, just send us a mail with your questions or suggestions.

7. Insiders have fun - As an Insider, you should above all have fun with word-of-mouth campaigns. It is of course exciting to have access to cool new products. You can talk about these in your own unique manner – whenever and with whomever you want. Relax and enjoy the conversations!

Campaign policy for alcoholic products

a. The campaign info on the Insiders fulfils all our clients’ demands regarding information on alcohol.

b. Participants are at least 18 years old

c. Alcoholic products are only intended for adults and we also explicitly ask the Insiders not to allow minors (-18 years) to test any of these products.

d.Enjoy but drink with moderation: the idea of the campaign is to discover products, let friends test them and form an honest opinion on them. The idea is not to keep them all to yourself!

e. During the campaign, we will be mentioning responsible drinking via campaigns from either the Government or the sector.