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The Insiders is a network of influential consumers with over 2,000,000 members. As an Insider, you test interesting products for free and share your experience with friends, family and colleagues. You contribute to the notoriety of quality products, through good old word-of-mouth advertising. It's much more interesting for us as consumers, and certainly more fun!

Word of Mouth (WOM) advertising is much more credible and has a greater impact than traditional advertising. Did you know that as much as 67% of all purchasing decisions are initially influenced by word-of-mouth advertising?* It's just natural to talk about a product that you like and you get the ball rolling. WOMming means to spread the word, online and offline, about a product or service by simply talking about it with friends, family and relatives!

* Source: McKinsey, 2011.

  • You get the opportunity to discover great, handy or cool products, trends or experiences – sometimes even before they are introduced on the market!
  • You get to try products and take a peek behind the scenes thanks to exclusive Insider information.
  • You always have something new to talk about with friends and acquaintances. You can help them discover exciting products by sharing your opinion.
  • Your opinion matters: you influence companies so they can make their products even better or use your ideas.
  • You can help to make your favourite products popular through word-of-mouth advertising, and have fun in the process!

You decide if you want to join a campaign! If you're interested, you can register as a candidate for a campaign. About two weeks later, you receive a message to inform you whether you were selected or not. You prefer not to participate? Simply don't register for the campaign! 

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