Word-of-mouth Advertising

As a young communications agency, we seek to provide a real alternative for the sometimes tiring and annoying TV advertising and other “spam” advertising both online, by post or in the streets!

Studies* show that we go to great lengths to try to avoid advertising: 45% of viewers just switch channel! The rest of us probably rush to get a snack or have a chat. Furthermore, 76% (!) of the population do not believe TV advertising is sufficiently credible.

We do however appreciate enormously any advice from friends or acquaintances: this is good old word-of-mouth! The oldest and most honest form of advertising

We talk every day, continually about our experiences with products or services. And we think it’s great! We talk about delicious drinks, handy cleaning products, interesting facts, travel, etc. Everyone enjoys talking about things they like.

Insiders have even more fun with word-of-mouth advertising!

The Insiders platform will help you to find, test and share exciting products. Just like the daily word-of-mouth advertising that you do already but easier and with more pleasure. :-)

It’s a new way of getting really good products known as you will only tell others about them if you are really convinced. The good thing about it: companies can save us a whole lot of annoying advertising... ;-)

Via The Insiders, they can reach people who are really interested in their products and who want to give them their honest opinion on what they find good about them or what can be improved.


* Source: Bold Mouth, 'Perception, Practices & Ethics', 2006


Reasons to subscribe

  • 1
  • It is free to become a member and does not oblige me in any way
    (although the word-of-mouth activities are the nice part!)
  • 2
  • I am becoming a real insider and am discovering the first new products that I am having sent to my home address for free
  • 3
  • My opinion counts: I influence major brands and businesses with my feedback
  • 4
  • I always have something new to talk about with friends and acquaintances
  • 5
  • I help to get my favourite brands known and enjoy doing it.