As a registered member, you can take part in as many projects as you wish. This depends entirely on your interests

1. REGISTER - Determine yourself what campaigns you wish to participate in.

When presenting a new Insider campaign, you will be invited via e-mail to propose yourself as a candidate. Before doing so, you can simply read through the most important information on the product or service and decide whether this campaign is for you or not at all. If you are really interested in the product, then propose yourself as a candidate by answering a few simple questions. After the registration period has closed, you will receive a confirmation notice to say whether you can participate.

Increase your chance of participation.

Tip 1: The number of participants is normally limited so respond quickly to new campaign invitations

Tip 2: the more surveys you complete, the better-informed we are to offer campaigns to suit you.

Tip 3: the more active an Insider is, the greater the chance of participating in new campaigns.


2. YOUR OPINION - Try the product out and form your honest opinion.

As a participant, your Insider pack will be posted to your home address, you will be invited to pick this up or to participate (e.g., concert).

This Insider pack includes the product (e.g., drinks, mobile phone or a book), a campaign leaflet with more information on how the campaign is to proceed, extra product information and any other materials - “talk tools” for making your word-of-mouth advertising a nice experience. You may keep the products or use them for free for a certain period (in the case of expensive products such as a mobile phone or TV).

Your task is simple: Have a careful look at the materials in the Insider pack and test the product in your everyday routine. This will help you to form your honest opinion on the product.


3. TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT - Share your opinion with others and keep us informed of their responses.

You will of course not be testing the product alone but in a jovial setting with family, friends and colleagues, etc. If you like the product, tell as many people as possible and help to get the product known. If, however, you don’t like the product, try to ask others what they think of the product without being prejudiced as tastes and opinions can of course differ.

You will note that this word-of-mouth advertising works by itself and it’s really nice to be able to talk about great new products!

You will after all be kept up to date with sometimes exclusive products that are not even available for sale. You can make your friends curious with cool things such as the latest mobile phone, a new drink, select care products, an exclusive concert, etc.

Whether or not you are aware, you already speak every day about all kinds of products. On an Insider campaign, you actually do just one thing more, that is give feedback on your experiences and conversations via mini reports.

Your opinion and that of your friends are very important to us! Is the product really as good as we think? Can anything be improved? What are the responses of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances?

Send us regular mini reports via the site.
You can also pay a regular visit to the campaign homepage to pick up the latest news or to see how other Insiders are having fun with their word-of-mouth activities.

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