The Insiders is a network of influential consumers with over 2,000,000 members. As an Insider, you test interesting products for free and share your experience with friends, family and colleagues. In doing so, you contribute to raising the notoriety of quality products, through good old word-of-mouth advertising. It's much more interesting for us as consumers, and certainly more fun!

Word of Mouth (WOM) advertising is much more credible and has a greater impact than traditional advertising. Did you know that as much as 67% of all purchasing decisions are initially influenced by word-of-mouth advertising?* It's just natural to talk about a product that you like and you get the ball rolling. WOMming means to spread the word, online and offline, about a product or service by simply talking about it with friends, family and relatives!

* Source: McKinsey, 2011.

Do you like to share your opinion and do you want to keep up to date with new and fun products? To register as an Insider only takes a few minutes and it's completely free! Create a profile and tell us about yourself. This is all about who you are, what you are interested in, and what you do. Specifying your hobbies, interests and preferences enables us to accurately pinpoint which future campaigns are perfectly suited to you.

  • You get the opportunity to discover excellent, handy or cool products, trends or experiences – sometimes even before they are introduced on the market!
  • You get to try out products and take a peek behind the scenes thanks to exclusive Insider information.
  • You always have something new to talk about with friends and acquaintances. You can help them discover exciting products by sharing your opinion.
  • Your opinion matters: you influence companies so they can make their products even better or use your ideas.
  • You help to make your favourite products popular through word-of-mouth advertising, and have fun in the process!

Your details are only shared – anonymously at that - with customers, users or third parties. This means that we may provide them with demographic or statistical information, but this information is never linked directly to your personal details or personal account.

Your personal details are not shared in any other way. Your personal information is only shared with third parties if you give your explicit permission (except for your user name).

In addition, you can modify or delete any personal information such as first name, name, address, e-mail, phone number, date of birth, family status at any time. Deleting your personal details also deletes your account.


When you take part in a campaign, we obviously attach a great deal of importance to your opinion! For this reason, we ask you to send us reports on a regular basis, stating your opinion about the product, who you spoke to about the product and how long your conversations lasted.

You can also share your opinions with other Insiders on the relevant campaign blog. 

No, that’s entirely your decision. You register on the relevant campaign website if you want to join a campaign. If you are not interested in a particular campaign, you don't have to do anything! 

Are you interested in a campaign? Register on the relevant campaign page by completing the survey. This will only take a few minutes! Registering means you are a candidate for the campaign and that you may be selected to join.

The selection is based mainly on the criteria which are decided in advance by the customer. Four other factors are taken into account to decide whether you can participate in an Insider campaign:

  • your profile and interests
  • the number of participants in the campaign region
  • personal motivation
  • Insiders status

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No, taking part is free but you may need to pay a guarantee (safety deposit) for some campaigns. This may be the case for campaigns that require you to try out exclusive and expensive products. This guarantee covers insurance during transportation and the use of the product during the campaign. If you return the product on time and according to the correct procedure, your guarantee is refunded.

Go to My Insider > Profile and click ‘Unsubscribe’. When you click this link, your account is deleted entirely. 

No, the e-mails we send you are necessary to keep you informed about new campaigns or campaigns you have joined. These are announcements about new campaigns and surveys that you are free to complete without any further obligations. If you are selected for a campaign, you also receive newsletters about the campaign in question.