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New campaign: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

07/08/2017 - 11:00

Introducing, the all-new versatile Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. The Insiders is giving you a fantastic opportunity to be among the first to trial this new product and share your thoughts with the world. 

Rethink your tablet’s potential with new, advanced technology.

We present to you the sleek, glass-backed Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – designed for powerful productivity, maximum versatility, and a touch of luxury, wherever you are. Its next-level technology gives you more control, more flexibility, and more ways to get creative. 

Be productive, be creative, and have fun with the newly designed in-box S Pen. It captures your ideas in an instant and offers a realistic notetaking experience. You can easily draw and write just as you would with a real pen, plus it doesn't need recharging. 

You love high quality, ground-breaking innovation and are looking for the next best thing when it comes to tablets. For pioneers like you, Samsung presents their powerful new tablet, designed for powerful productivity, maximum versatility wherever you are.

We are looking for 150 lucky Insiders who want to put the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to the test and offer their honest opinion online.

Are you interested? Subscribe to this campaign before 14th August by clicking here.


When candidates first subscribe to this campaign, no deposit is requested. Once the subscription period is closed, we will make a shortlist of the candidates we feel most suitably fit the required profile for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 campaign. An email will then be sent to those shortlisted candidates, containing a link to our payment screen where we will request them to pay a campaign deposit of £299.99 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. No deposit is required until this phase.

For more information, please read the information page and our terms & conditions.

  • 18/08 - 13:57
  • tranquility

I have paid the deposit, but have not heard anything since.

Pblive: That's normal.  You'll get an email when they've organised the 150 people who have all paid and a delivery notification to show the device has been sent.

tranquility:  Thank you for such a fast response. I am just very excited about getting to try this new tablet.

Imzee:  Those who paid are guaranteed to get the device

  • 18/08 - 13:39
  • vidfreak

Still waiting for an email.....  an anyone confirm if I have been selected or not.... I'd rather know I've been rejected than not know either way.... many thanks ????

Pblive: Have you paid?  When you paid you should have received confirmation that the payment went through.  This is all you need as it means you got in.  The next email will be a confirmation (once all 150 have paid) and a delivery notification email.

  • 18/08 - 13:28
  • michaelonholiday

Really excited again to be shortlisted for another Samsung Campaign! Can't wait to receive the Tab S3 and put it through its paces...

  • 18/08 - 12:26
  • ukmonkey

Any update to when this will be dispatched??

  • 17/08 - 20:23
  • janb

gutted missed out yet again -congrats to those who were selected you jammy beggars

  • 17/08 - 18:17
  • fulous

My payment went smoothly, I am eagerly waiting to play with this toy :D

vebboy: Delighted you were selected fulous - enjoy!  yes

Imzee: Glad the payment went smooth this time round for this campaign :)

fulous: Thanks guys. I have a lot planned for this tab already, Good fun????

  • 17/08 - 17:05
  • Imzee

Has anyone who’s also taking part of the Galaxy book 12 campaign been selected for this?

vebboy: Well you know what my answer is Imzee! crying

Imzee: I feel your pain.. I wanted to try out this device. But I’m glad those who missed out on the galaxy book like Fulous get to take part in another campaign  

andrew.mcaulay:  Yeah it would appear that no one in the Book campaign was selected, which is fair enough and keeps others interested rather than giving up.

Pblive: Alas, no.  But it is good that others get the chance.  It looks like a great tablet and can't say I'm not jealous!

  • 17/08 - 16:50
  • davidbirrell1982

Hi everyone, just a quick thought/question. What happens if there is a fault with the tablet after the campaign ends and you decide to keep it, do you have a warranty with Samsung, do we have a receipt of some sort as proof of purchase ect.

Pblive: You get a letter with it as proof from Samsung and it has a 2 year warranty.

Imzee:  I heard someone had issues with previous device and samsung didn't accept the warranty.

  • 17/08 - 14:04
  • fredchristelow

sadi would love to try

  • 17/08 - 14:02
  • fredchristelow

sadi would love to try

  • 17/08 - 14:01
  • jesaltv

Looks like maybe I didn't get chosen... Congratulations to everyone that did!! Hope you have a wonderful campaign smiley

  • 17/08 - 09:24
  • mackenziesj

Excellent - received my confirmation and can't wait to try this new tablet out, coming from a mainly Apple background in tablets but currently loving Android on my S7 Edge phone - hoping for good things :-)

jesaltv: By the sounds of it, this tablet is basically a gigantic S7 with an S Pen! You'll love it, I'm sure.

  • 17/08 - 09:09
  • Bambibear

Paid yesterday and received my confirmation, will be first acceptance so hopefully all goes well. Any advice for a first timer? 

Insiders_Ana: Hi Bambibear, welcome to your first campaign, we hope you really enjoy it! Everything expect from our Insiders during the campaigns is explained on the campaign webpage and on the campaign guide - which you'll receive in your VIP pack. Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook, and on your e-mails to find updates. Share your experiences with us and others on Social Media. And important as well: have fun wink. If you have further questions you can write to us per e-mail or here, via blog. Thanks!

  • 17/08 - 08:01
  • Martin1405

Looks like missed out again... very sad that this seems to be the norm.... :-(

  • 17/08 - 07:08
  • tashemer8

Hi everyone. I'm still waiting for ts3

  • 17/08 - 00:39
  • vidfreak

do you have a date when everyone will know if they have or have not been selected?????  I'm still waitimg on tenterhooks as I've not received  a confirmation or declined email.  I'd rather know either way than be left hanging like a one armed man dangling off a cliff with an itchy nose ????????????

Pblive: As I understand it, the process is that they send out 150 emails and wait for people to pay.  If some haven't paid by a set time, they send more out to other people on the list until the 150 slots are taken.  Then they confirm.  However, if you've had an email and paid and have a confirmation that payment went through then you have been selected and should get the tablet.

  • 16/08 - 22:46
  • MartinKing

Can't wait to get my hands on the device after being selected! Just hope I was part of the first 150 to pay! When will we know if we have made the cut? 

Pblive: If you paid and got confirmation the payment went through, you're in. Congratulations.

  • 16/08 - 22:28
  • jonathonpkelly

Does this come with the keyboard? Looking forward to getting it

Pblive: No, the details of what is included are in the info section.  The keyboard is a separate purchase, I'm afraid.

  • 16/08 - 21:31
  • Imzee

Doesn’t look like I’ve been selected for this campaign sadly :( congrats all those who have :)

  • 16/08 - 19:15
  • Techtested

Selected for the campaign and paid, can't wait! smiley

MartinKing: yes  

  • 16/08 - 18:58
  • JohnR

Yay, Hurry up and send it to me already! I cant wait to try out this thing!

  • 16/08 - 18:52
  • Bambibear

Really looking forward to trying this, my Tab pro battery is getting lower and this is great timing for replacing with an upgrade and reviewing!

  • 16/08 - 18:44
  • zorbj

smiley yeee I was selected. I was really disappointed not getting the book so glad I was picked for this. Very interested to see how this compares to my iPad, but as a Samsung fan I want to hopefully prove hubby wrong!  

  • 16/08 - 18:38
  • ukmonkey

Looking forward to this and will go well with my new Samsung s8 smiley can I choose to have this delivered to my work address ?

Insiders_Ana: Hi ukmonkey! Please change your delivery address info on your Insider's Profile. Don't take too long to do so though, soon we will start to make the packs' labels! Welcome to the campaign smiley

  • 16/08 - 18:13
  • davidbirrell1982

Does anybody know or have any idea when we will receive the tab? I imagine we will get further notifications!

Insiders_Ana: Hi davidbirrell1982! We are still in the selection process, once we have our Insiders' TabS3 group everyone will receive an e-mail - confirming the selection or non-selection to the campaign. Only after that we will start the shipment process - and you'll receive a notification from the delivery company regarding it smiley. Thanks!