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21/04/2017 - 12:13

Vaginal dryness is a common problem experienced by up to one in three women, particularly those who are going through menopause or those who experience early menopause symptoms. Canesintima®, from the makers of Canesten® is an intimate moisturising gel that has been designed to help give you effective soothing relief from vaginal dryness.

Canesintima® provides a triple effect: it moisturises, lubricates, and helps protect from further irritation. It is a discreet, convenient, and easy-to-use gel, which can help to make intimacy more enjoyable.

We’re looking for 500 Insiders who have symptoms associated with vaginal dryness to take part in this campaign.  


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The Insiders team

  • 12/07 - 15:58
  • m.hartwell

When I started to talk to people about this I was surprised how many people didn't know this type of product existed. Having tried several already on the market and only found one that suited was interested in comparing.  So, I have been using this for a few weeks now as wanted to give it a fair trial. I found it to be very good for my dryness and associated soreness due to the menopause. It's very cooling on application and provides moisturisation without leaving me feeling uncomfortable or in need of a pad.  Found I did not need to reapply across the day. I will purchase and carry on using this. It's a very good moisturizing lotion that left me feeling comfortable and clean and I highly recommend it. I gave this to a friend to try and she was very impressed with it. She is suffering from problems with her menstruation at the moment and as she does not like using pads even on very light days she is using tampons and gets sore. She has tried it for a couple of weeks now and has found it very soothing and easy to use. She would have liked an applicator to make it easier. She said she would carry on using it when needed as it made quite a considerable difference and recommends it.

  • 07/07 - 18:44
  • itistonimoore

Shame I missed such a great product of all ages, something that is seen as an understatement.    

  • 07/07 - 15:42
  • lauzazash68

well  have to say that since using the moisturiser i have  not sufferd half as much as i was previously,., after trying many on the market  this and one other  is the best ive  used ,, i think this will definately be on my shopping list in the future,., 

Insiders_Ana: Happy to hear that, lauzazash68 smiley

  • 05/07 - 15:08
  • compstruck

Very good texture and helped a lot but would prefer to have an applicator included, this would be imperative for me as to whether i buy it. Wasn't too sticky thankfully.  

  • 25/06 - 07:18
  • Etelisha

So gutted I missed this one. Such a great product 

  • 24/06 - 17:28
  • amport14

Tried the product, absolutely brilliant

  • 23/06 - 00:44
  • Cheekychan

I am hoping the campaign went well , ladies, If I ever have an embarrassing problem I always go for a canesten. Always a first choice. I hope others do too

  • 18/06 - 11:57
  • Vkpa

I wish I could be in this campaign 

Cheekychan:  I'd have liked to give this one a go too . Hope you are well x

Vkpa: Thanks dear.. really appreciated

  • 17/06 - 17:45
  • chuckycat

was very surprised how much this helped me, very happy with it would buy as i have had no pain since using it 

  • 16/06 - 21:35
  • claireinnit76

Thankyou love yiur campaigns

  • 16/06 - 20:33
  • karenjones

I got the moisturizing lotion, but it would have been better to try the wash and wipes for when you are out and about. Because when your in the menoupause you get very sweaty with hot flushes and wipes would be good to apply the moisturizer when out. As for the wash it would make more sense to use the wash first followed by the moisturizer.

  • 16/06 - 20:23
  • karenjones

I gave this to a friend to try and she was very impressed with its outcome. She suffers from incontinence and gets very sore. She has tried it for a week now. She has found it very soothing and her soreness is alot better. She would have liked an applicator as well to make it easier. She said she would definitely carry on using it as it made quite a considerable difference and highly recommends it.

  • 16/06 - 20:14
  • karenjones

I  have been using this for a about a week now. For me it has been good for my dryness and soreness due to sweating in the menoupause. I would prefer it with an applicator. It's very cooling and gives good moisturizing and makes it feel less sore and dry. I would buy and carry on using this. It's a very good moisturizing lotion and I highly recommend it.

Cheekychan:  Great to know! Appreciate your in. X

  • 15/06 - 20:58
  • Poppypunto

I'm undecided what i think of it so hoping it will make a definite difference when iv used it a while but unfortunately so far I'm not really impressed

Insiders_Ana: Hi Poppypunto, thanks for sharing your impressions! Let us know about the coming days - if anything changed or if the product was able to make a difference. Thanks for participating in the trial! 

  • 15/06 - 20:56
  • Poppypunto

Was looking forward to testing when I received my pack.was surprised how many people that I talked to about it didn't know this type of product existed 

  • 15/06 - 20:43
  • RickiJ14

Very excited to receive this but disappointed now its here I'm not able to use it as it stings I have early onset menopause which have been brought in due to thyroid removal I think it might just be me but am really sad have tried it twice and seeing I've just changed my HRT patches so might give it another go :-(

  • 15/06 - 18:52
  • sweett85


  • 15/06 - 18:26
  • nuttytartbabe1


  • 14/06 - 15:05
  • Mandysmith97

Very happy with the results so far definitely soothes the burn thanks for letting me on the trial an easing the pain 

Insiders_Ana: Great to know that, Mandysmith97 smiley Were you able to share your experience with your friends already? If so, don't forget to share it with us on the Report tab. Thanks for participating in the campaign.

Cheekychan:  Ah something to help the burn! I must try it!

  • 13/06 - 13:35
  • Morad85


  • 12/06 - 17:15
  • lauzazash68

hi ,sorry only now beng able to  come on here my internet been down  ,, was thrilled to find out ie be choosen and i have to say  that this is the best by far ive  tried ,,it does help tremendously  andi will deffo be carrying on using this product  andthe price is reasonable also which is good ,,,

Insiders_Ana: Hi lauzazash68, thanks for your first impressions smiley. Remember to send us your reports after you have the chance to talk to your friends and share your experiences with them. You can find the tab here on the webpage or by clicking in the following link:

  • 12/06 - 12:14
  • Shaunalou

Amazing products all 3 have really made me see what huge difference using feminine products can help the handpack wipes are great when your out and about they leave you woth clean fresh feel not a greasy fell like other products can leave best is there so easy flushable. The soothing gel wash is my favourite tbos has really helped me with sensitive side off the things it has helped Soothe and refresh me I love the cleanliness feel it leaves you with

  • 12/06 - 07:53
  • Toastedbaps

I will definitely continue to use this product! #fresh 

  • 11/06 - 16:43
  • lollyc31

This is a really good product that I will continue to use, it's great that it's a pump action so you can regulate the amount that you use quite easily. It is also odourless and colourless. This product really does work, it moisturises, lubricates and is soothing when applied so is also good for irritation and itchiness. This is a great lubricant, it's definitely less messy than others we have used. Thanks for letting me try this product, it's great!

  • 11/06 - 16:03
  • fiona66

First reactions are very positive , It is so gentle and soothing I'm sure this will be a long term fixture in the medicine cabinet .