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New Campaign: FlexiQule™ by AlchemLife™

21/08/2017 - 05:10

One of the barriers to living an active and healthy life is joint pain and stiffness. Whether your passion is running, golfing, or even walking your dog, how do you continue to do the things you love when joint pain and stiffness prevents you from doing so? The answer: let nature help you.

We are looking for 2,500 Insiders, who feel their joints could sometimes use a helping hand from nature, to take part in a campaign to try FlexiQule™ by AlchemLife™.

AlchemLife™ has developed FlexiQule™ Herbal Supplements, with 100% natural botanic active ingredients, specifically designed to reduce joint pain and stiffness. FlexiQule™ has helped many people continue to live an active lifestyle through its unique combination of Boswellia and Ginger extracts, both of which have been used for more than a thousand years in herbal medicine.

If joint pain or stiffness is preventing you enjoying the activities you love, and think you would like to trial FlexiQule™ by AlchemLife™, then subscribe to the campaign by clicking the button above, or go to the information page to fill out the Entry Survey before 11th September

Good luck,

The Insiders team


  • 24/09 - 00:11
  • cookie27

i have started a facebook page to disscus progress etc search it if u want been almost a week not feeling much different other then sleepy

  • 23/09 - 23:50
  • ciderwar

I have started taking the tablets, now waiting for the results.

  • 23/09 - 23:09
  • Vkpa

All the best everybody 

  • 23/09 - 23:05
  • Vkpa

Looking forward for reviews if the product is good. 

  • 23/09 - 22:48
  • vebboy

I have completed an unboxing video for  our Flixiqule campaign and posted it on line. If interested you can see it on Youtube:  and Facebook:  I'm still new to uploading videos and I struggle a tad but have done my best! 

  • 23/09 - 21:17
  • mumsfab2

Hi everyone! Well I'm onto day 3 now. I find the capsules easy to swallow and no unpleasant taste. However, like some others have commented I find the vivid blue colour a bit strange. I've also noticed I'm much thirstier than normal, especially in the morning. So, far no great change to stiffness in my joints but it's early days. I've yet to give any of the discount vouchers out, I wanted to see if there was any improvement in myself first.  

  • 23/09 - 21:05
  • Waldersladegills

Got my pack and I can't wait to get going

  • 23/09 - 19:52
  • Maggiejane

I wonder whether anyone has experienced acute heartburn after taking the tablets? I took my first one Thursday evening and then a second one Friday morning and had dreadful pains all Friday. I do suffer from heart burn but take tablets to stop this that usually work well. I haven't taken anymore tablets but will probably try again once the heartburn has completely disappeared to find out if it was definitely caused by the Flexiqule. I'll be devastated if it is as I really wanted to try them out! 

vebboy: I've taken six tablets so far and  luckily, no problems with  the acid reflux from which I suffer. Hope it sorts itself out Maggie!  

  • 23/09 - 19:22
  • bevvy127

Got my parcel yesterday started taking straight away .but am in agony with knee pain at moment so maybe hoping for a miracle.

  • 23/09 - 19:21
  • chaswell67

So to day two. The pain level this morning was exaggerated after a hard session at the gym yesterday with three doses of painkillers needed. I am still hoping to be able to reduce the painkillers very soon. I have noticed the "Blue issue" on here and I agree that it is strange colour to use as there is nothing natural about blue when it concerns things we are meant to swallow. I can only think it was a marketing decision to choose blue

  • 23/09 - 19:05
  • ruths_rafiki

 I've noticed a large number of others picking up the points I made a few days ago and showing alarm at the Smurf Blue dye used to colour the capsule shell. Although E133 ( "Brilliant blue") synthetic coal tar dye is food safe approved it does still seem an odd choice for a health product where one of the appeal factors would be the naturalness of the constituent ingrediants. So far nobody representing Flexiqule has commented on rationale but I'd love to know from the Insider''s campaign management whether these sorts of inquiry will be picked up in the end of campaign report so that we can all have answers. 

  • 23/09 - 18:57

Day 2 of the campaign. The tablets are very easy to swallow. Do not taste of anything. The only thing that puts me off is the bright blue colour. But will be able to overcome that if they work. Fingers crossed in a few days will have some progress to report.

  • 23/09 - 18:37
  • SarahB1510

I received my package 4 days ago and have now had 3 days of taking Flexiqule, the tablets are easy to swallow, don't leave a funny taste in your mouth like some tablets do. I was doing some housework today and I cannot really comment on whether they are having an affect yet but I deffiantly did not seem to suffer to much with joint pain as I was doing the housework, so hopefully they are starting to help.

  • 23/09 - 17:51
  • Podanoo

smiley​  Parcel received before email so opened and started before I could take a picture.   Fingers crossed it helps. 

  • 23/09 - 17:39
  • caprea

Just got my parcel, find the tablet colour a little strange but hoping my joints benefit from this product. 

  • 23/09 - 17:29
  • tilly & me

Parcel arrived before e-mail arrived, saying I had been accepted on the trial, therefore No photos of me opening the box as i thought it was an ebay purchase.I Don't like the blue coloured capsules, I think I am going to look like a 'Smurf'. I have also noticed I am itching, so I think I may have an allergy to an ingredient- has anyone else noticed this symptom?  

  • 23/09 - 16:36
  • testnreview

Excited to receive my trial. I am surprised by the bright blue of the tablet? Doesn't reflect the natural nature of the ingredients? Reminds me of viagra pill! Just my observations :P I am hoping this will ease my Fibromalgea symptoms. Often am stiff, pain and seized up.

rochellemarsden: A blue synthetic azo dye is just not necessary. Some will react to this

testnreview: yes Totally agree. I myself am sensitive and have alot of food sensitvity. I dont quite understand what the thinking was behind using this colour dye?

  • 23/09 - 16:13
  • jmclapham

Bit late starting as I was away until yesterday but looking forward to seeing if FlexiQule tablets ease the arthritic pain in my knees. 

  • 23/09 - 16:11
  • Carruther5

  smiley receive do on Thursday, too early to say or notice any difference but hopefully that these help with some joint pain.  

  • 23/09 - 14:57
  • Alanacase

Received them hope they help and thank you

  • 23/09 - 14:46
  • vebboy

Early days yet but still stiff in the knees,hips ( two replacements)  and shoulders. Irritating because I enjoy walking, exercising and gardening. Hope those little blue pills have some impact!  

  • 23/09 - 14:01
  • Schottie

Package arrived a day late, as had to collect it form the delivery depot. as i was out the day it came initially. Started the capsules this morning- eagerly await developments! Being less stff in a morning would be a real bonus!!

  • 23/09 - 12:45
  • ruths_rafiki

Day three and I've decided that measuring the fingers on my right hand - which swell up fairly appallingly due to arthritic joint deterioration - might provide some qualitative indicator as to whether the smurf blues work.  As the activities I do daily also vary I'm keeping a note of these along side.  I have been prescribed NSAIDs in the past but came off them as they have a negative effect on muscle mass  and strength if taken long term.  Again I'd love better clinical information -   as hinted at on the back of the packs - in relation to any trials  or testing done regarding muscle function prior to taking and after taking Boswellia. 

  • 23/09 - 12:19
  • m00nraker

Mornings are just the worst time for me, everything hurts.  It has only been a couple of days, but I really want to wake up one morning and just be able to get out of bed easily and without all my joins aching. 

ruths_rafiki: If it's that bad its also worth getting your doctor to do a blood test for Vitamin D deficiency which is common in the UK and causes fatigue and the sensation that all your joints and bones ache. 

7905511186: You could have fibromyalgia the same as me as thats how mine started,do you get tender points(feels bruised in certain places) to touch.

  • 23/09 - 11:00
  • vebboy

The postman was quite amusing when my package was delivered. Please see on: The unboxing video will follow shortly.       

Imzee:  Nice garden :)

vebboy: Thanks Imzee. Can you help? Tried using Windows Live Music Maker numerous times without success because although it copes with photos well, I get a black screen for the videos. Suspect they are the wrong format. must they be MP4? Researched black video screens on line but no resolution. So I come to the computer king for advice  and I will try Pb. Meanwhile I am using Gear 360 action director.